European Experience

I am waiting for my pictures to be developed before I start relaying experiences. Please vote on my poll for how many I should share per day. Thank you!


This is my sisters idea of fancy...

She told me she looked FANCY so she could go to a FANCY meeting in a FANCY building in a FANCY room with a FANCY door. And to think her favorite word is plain.


You Think She Was Tired?

When you get overly stressed, or work out for too long, or didn't sleep well at all, you get too tired to stay awake. At least, during the day. I took these pictures at 4:32, and just so you know, she did none of these things. I guess it's very tiring being 3. I'll never understand.


In your face, Grandma!

We, the four Challen children, love going to NC on vacation for many reasons, one of which is that we get fresh produce from the Farmers Market. Grandma was always proud and I'm sure mom was disappointed that we didn't have one. Then we saw it. Imagine angels singing as the small wooden building appeared on the side of the road. That's how we all felt. We felt like hero's as we drove the sweet corn, cantaloupe, red plums, and sugar baby watermelon home. Well, you win Grandma. I guess our small local shop makes the girls think like this...
If this is what it's going to do, forget it. I mean what am I supposed to say, something like, "When's the cantaloupe due?" You win Grandma.

Yeah... That's What I thought

This picture perfectly describes why I took over this blog. I mean really, what did the bush ever do to you? When stuff like this happens at least three times a day, it's hard not to share at least some of them. For instance, today when I decided to play outside, I found this... 

Can I help you find something? And if this wasn't enough, this showed up...
Yeah, that's what I thought. Do I need to explain it any further?
I really hope this doesn't happen for the rest of the six weeks of summer. 


Bored Already?

These are the days that make me want to scream! I just got back from Europe and am already bored with everything. Nothing seems to sparks any interest and I end up moping around the house. I mean, of coarse nobody's home. I hope it gets better from here on out.